One District, Diverse Communities

San Mateo County’s third district is a large and diverse group of communities which comprise parts of the San Mateo County coast and the mid-peninsula. Addressing the varied issues of the district requires an understanding of the specific needs of these communities along with strong working relationships within each. Below is a summary of many of the issues I will be focused on, along with some of the stakeholders and organizations I am proud to be endorsed by.

    Covid-19 Public Health and Economic Recovery

    During the pandemic residents throughout the county discovered the impact the County Department of Public Health has on our lives. I will prioritize vaccination and testing in a manner to keep our schools and childcare open for our children, puts people back to work and protects our most vulnerable. In this race I am proud to be endorsed by Richard Serino, distinguished Senior Fellow at the Harvard TH Chan School of Public Health, National Preparedness Initiative; formerly the Deputy Director of FEMA (Obama Administration, 2009-2014), and small business owners such as Jesse Cool, Flea Street Cafe, Lenny Mendonca, owner of the Half Moon Bay Brewing Company and Greg Stern, owner of the Dutch Goose.

    Affordable Housing

    The creation of affordable housing continues to be a critical issue in San Mateo County.  Everyone deserves to be housed. This includes low income families and public employees, like teachers and firefighters. Cities have an absolute responsibility to create housing to balance jobs at all levels of affordability. Local control has to include local responsibility to both plan for and create housing supply. As Supervisor, I will work collaboratively with our communities in housing creation and support the development of projects located near transit which serves to build diversity in our community, support our economy and benefit public health.

    Investment in Coastside Infrastructure

    The coast requires immediate attention and investment in its infrastructure to improve the lives and health of the families who live here, and to protect the economy that pays their bills. The seawall in Pacifica is failing, there are sewer projects in the mid-coast that could use support, the drinking water in a public school south of Half Moon Bay Pescadero High School is contaminated, and there are numerous transportation and roadway needs. As Supervisor, I will sit down with the cities, public agencies and the community on the coast to review their General Plans and create a county-supported strategic plan, prioritized to best begin to take on these infrastructure challenges in partnership with stakeholders to improve the quality of life of coastside residents and protect the coastside’s economy. I am very grateful to have the endorsement of every member of the Half Moon Bay and Pacifica City Councils as well as 5 former Mayors in Pacifica.

    Supporting Thriving Communities

    On the bayside of the district, Menlo Park is home to a robust technology sector. In San Carlos, a Life Sciences ecosystem is thriving. Investment in public transit, the development of housing at all levels, and expansion of child care resources is essential to support healthy, equitable communities for families of every economic background. I am proud to have the endorsement of 10 current and former Mayors in Menlo Park. In San Carlos, I am proud to be endorsed by 7 former Mayors.

    Stewardship of our Natural Environment and Resources

    The protection and stewardship of District 3’s natural resources, open spaces, county parks, and beaches is a sacred legacy. As a graduate of the College of Natural Resources at UC Berkeley, I am committed to this responsibility, to steward these lands and waters for the health and enjoyment of future generations. In this campaign, I am grateful to have been endorsed by all of the MidPen Regional Open Space Directors representing the San Mateo County coast.

    Wildfire Response and Emergency Management Planning

    As we learned this year, emergency management planning in response to natural hazard events such as wildfires is critical throughout District 3, and will require the sustained attention of the next Supervisor. In this race I am humbled to have the endorsement of Dan Ghiorso, Retired Fire Chief of the Woodside Fire Protection District, and five current and former Directors of the Menlo Park Fire District. Additionally, I have been endorsed by the entire Atherton City Council, 4 former Mayors in Portola Valley and 3 former Mayors in Woodside.

    Support for Our Farmworkers and Agricultural Industry

    Our farm workers’ quality of life requires equitable investment and improvement in affordable housing, quality education, access to social services, and ensuring safe and fair working conditions. Attention to these areas will help attract more farmworkers to the coast and stabilize the workforce for the coastside agricultural industry, strengthening the economy of the coast. I am humbled to have the endorsement of ALAS Executive Director Belinda Arriaga, as well as Half Moon Bay City Councilmember Joaquin Jimenez and activist Victoria Sanchez de Alba.

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